Scott Ferris

First post: Dec 11, 2018 Latest post: Dec 20, 2018
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We will be using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. So what happened?

After a few weeks of pain, y’all know I’m hardheaded, some really dark pee and a few pounds lost ( which I thought was fabulous) a trip to a Christmas market proved too much for me and my body just gave up.  I obviously went to work the next day which we would later find out was the worst thing to do and took myself to St. Joseph’s Borrows institute in Phoenix for a little more insight.  Liver enzymes are a funny thing, normal individuals are happy at 6-50 I obviously believe 1400 is sufficient.  Off I go into an actual room to be pumped full of fluids, drugs and wait for further testing.  Ultrasounds and MRI’s would later reveal that the sludge in the gall bladder had pushed out a gall stone that had wedged itself into my hepatic portal vein. For the next few weeks this clogged vein which should allow nutrition to pass into the liver didn’t do it’s job and my liver fell into shut down mode. While livers are known to be the only organ that can be regenerated entirely on their own, the damage to mine might be too severe. The option put in front of me was a liver transplant. After a few hours of ugly crying in the hospital room, alone,  I asked the doctors at St. Joes to release me and hightailed myself back to Albuquerque where I’ve had the same primary for 20 years. I was advised to drive straight to UNM Health Science Center immediately but again its me, I’ll be checking in later today.  For how long who knows, Will I get the transplant? Stay tuned, Can you see if your a match? That will come,... I know most of you are just waking up on this beautiful Sunday morning and are probably in a little shock at all I just posted, me too. I am grateful first for my family and their support, my co workers and their willingness to jump in and get this worked out (we all know this is not the best time of the year in my career world for this to happen) and lastly those special friends like yourself who are reading this in kind of utter shock wondering what’s next.  Well folks trust me I’ll be letting you know!  Love to you all!