Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan has been quietly fighting a serious medical condition while simultaneously working the front lines in the emergency room, being a fire wife, and homeschooling and raising their two boys.  Many wouldn't know that anything was wrong with her unless they saw her sneakily admit herself into the emergency room after her shift- when the pain became unbearable. 

Sarah has been battling Stage 4 Endometriosis.  She underwent a major surgery on February 11th to remove it, and areas in which the Endo had pretty much destroyed. What was supposed to be a seven hour surgery turned into ten scary hours.  Sarah woke up to some of the worst case scenarios she was dreading, which resulted in a few unexpected days alone in the hospital and a long road to recovery ahead.  Doctors called it one of,  if not the worst case they have ever seen and they do not know how she was working on her feet in the ER and going about life as she had been. But Sarah was just so used to the pain. 

Sarah is on the road to recovery, but it is a more challenging one than expected. Due to her Endo, Sarah's hopes of having a biological child are lying on the IVF process after one more surgical procedure and recovery ahead. 

The Jordans have dedicated themselves to public service and have experienced a very challenging year as a family, while never asking for help. So we are asking for them. Sarah loves her job and quite upset about being unable to work as she recovers.  

If you are local and can provide a meal drop off, please refer to the Meal Train link to sign up and for dietary restrictions.  Any donations received by the GoFundMe link will assist with any medical bills they may incur, recovery assistance they may need (including at home nursing or childcare) and of course their road to IVF. 

There is no action too small. Words of encouragement, support, or inappropriate humor while she is stuck in bed healing is also greatly appreciated :)