Ryan Holland

First post: May 9, 2018 Latest post: Apr 14, 2021
Many changes can happen in less than a month...
Ryan was feeling pretty poopy for a while, so he made an appointment with Dr. Bakke on April 19th. Ryan was complaining of irregular BMs and blood in his stool. Dr. Bakke  ordered up a colonoscopy  for  April 26th with Dr. Barker at North Memorial in Maple Grove. Dr. Barker found a suspicious mass in Ryans rectum and sent it in for biopsy along with 3 polyps he removed. On April 30th was given the results: Polyps=benign and Mass=malignant. On May 2nd Ryan went in for a rectal MRI and a pelvis and chest C/T scan. The next day on May 3rd, which is a day which will carry a new meaning for Ryan, Andi, and all of his family and friends, Ryan met with Dr. Barker for the results....Mass is the size of a golf ball, found multiple irregular nodules in both lungs, several enlarged lymph nodes in mediastinum (behind sternum) and lesions on 2 ribs on right side. Cancer deemed inoperable. Ryan then headed to the U of M on May 7th for a second opinion, and met with Dr. Chang. Same as the 1st...On May 9th Ry went to the U of M for a bone scan for the suspicious lesions on his ribs after attending Maddies spring concert at school and with the power of the music, Ryan was given the news of his 1st win in this war...NO CANCER IN HIS BONES!!!! On Friday the 11th Ryan had his port successfully installed, and is gearing up for his 1st chemo treatment today on May 14th. Here We Go Ryanos!!!!! Ryanos is what I decided to call all of you....Christs Love be with all you Ryanos! Love, Tommy