Rosie Curtiss

First post: Jul 27, 2018 Latest post: Aug 25, 2018
Rosie was airlifted to St. Cloud hospital with a ruptured brain aneurysm on Monday July 23rd.  She underwent a 12 1/2 hour long surgery where they successfully secured the aneurysm.  There were two different parts to the aneurysm so they did use a clip on one part and coiled the other part.  The risk for complications and stroke are high and she will have an extended stay in the hospital.  Her recovery once she is released will also be a very long haul.  This site will be updated by her daughter Sara on a nightly basis.  We have also set up a Go Fund Me account for her.  To donate directly to that fund, please click the "ways to help" circle at the top of the page.  She is very passionate about life and is always willing to put her needs aside to help others.  Let's all pray for Rosie so she can continue being the amazing woman she is.