Rose Knight

First post: Jun 4, 2018 Latest post: Dec 26, 2019
On April 30, I went to see my GYN for what seemed to be a minor issue. I was immediately referred to Dr. Sandra Shultz who did a biopsy in the office and stated she was concerned. On May 2, Dr. Shultz called and confirmed I had breast cancer. I seen her in the office on May 7 where she told me I have Triple Negative breast cancer. Now I am seeing Dr. Lane Hellner at Levine's CMC in Pineville. SHe is an oncologist. I am also seeing Dr. Meygan Forester, oncologist surgeon there too. I have had lots of lab work, a CT of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis, and a bone scan. All have been clear of cancer. Praise God!!! I have also had a diagnoistic mammogram and ultrasound that did not show any other cancer.

I am completing 16 rounds of chemo over the next 20 weeks. My 2nd chemo treatment will be June 15 if my lab work looks good. 

I cannot say how much I appreciate your prayers and friendship. Please continue to pray this cancer is killed and that it never shows back up anywhere in my body. Pray for my family and they take me back and forth and for them to have strength.