Ron Mohr A Journey to Health

First post: Apr 27, 2018 Latest post: May 14, 2018
Welcome to Ron & Denisa's  CaringBridge website.  First, I want to say ''THANK YOU" for each and every one of you that have been praying, calling, texting, messaging, preparing meals, sending financial blessings, encouraging words and scriptures of LOVE, LIFE AND HOPE!     There has been to many tears to count of gratitude and thanksgiving for the gift of your friendship and Love!  We are using this site to keep family and friends updated in one place.  For those of you who know my family, or those who may not have heard yet, my sweet brother-in-love Ron Mohr was diagnosed with stage 2 lymphoma in January.  This diagnosis came after several visits to their primary doctor, Cat Scans, multiple visits to the ER do to relentless pain in his lower abdomen, etc.  Upon Ron's last visit to the ER, he was finally admitted to the hospital to start aggressive Chemo treatment.    This devastating news obviously came as a total shock to Ron and my sister!  They were in total disbelief as his doctor shared what the next 5 months of treatment would entail.  Ron's first round of Chemo consisted of 6 consecutive days while in the hospital.   As you can imagine, it was pretty brutal on his physical & emotional body. 

Ron and my sister, Denisa, have a precious daughter and son (Shelby and Allen) 17 and 21 years of age who have also been deeply shaken as well, but continue to be as strong as they possibly can for their Daddy.    My sister, has been right by Ron's side in every moment possible while also trying to keep a little bit of income flowing into their household.   When Ron has a good day of feeling a little better, Denisa try's to break away so she can see a client or two.  She has had to cancel several times from Ron being so sick and her being totally exhausted in caring for her husband.   Unfortunately, Ron has battled with all kinds of Chemo Symptoms since the very first day of treatment along with being in a very weak state physically and emotionally.  This has weighed on them and their family very heavily.   As many of you know, Ron is self-employed (Mohr Restorations), with little health insurance coverage and has always been the primary income for their household.  He has currently been off of work since the first of February.  He has tried several times to go in for a few hours, however,  his lack of strength and other symptoms  with just not allow him to do so.  They also need Wisdom, direction and favor as they try to navigate the best way to sell Ron's Shop Business.  He has always restored, painted classic cars since he was a very young man.   

As of yesterday, Ron was  in the doctors office undergoing  his 5 out of 6 Chemo treatments.  Please pray, as the days  following a Chemo treatment have been a very difficult struggle for him.   As they prepare for the 6th treatment, we think there's great significance with his last and final Chemo treatment falling on his actual BIRTHDAY, May 14th.  We serve a Healing and Faithful God!!!  We have continued to see the miracle hand of God building rivers during their wilderness journey!  As my precious Brother in Love is struggling physically and emotionally  to finish this journey with Peace, (no fear) Renewed Hope, Health and Wholeness, we would like to humbly ask for help financially with his mounting medical/hospital bills, home mortgage, and other everyday expenses.   

  As many of us know, Denisa & Ron have ministered, loved, served and poured into others for many years.  We would be very grateful and thankful for your kind blessing of a donation ( in any amount (small or large) to help ease the financial stress that their family is currently facing.   If you can't donate, your prayers are powerful, needed, and greatly appreciated more then we can possibly convey.   Ron and Denisa want everyone to know that they welcome and treasure you and your prayers, texts, calls, words of encouragement and helping to hold them up during this very difficult time.  They will also be able to list their specific prayer needs, physical needs, spiritual needs and emotional needs as needed.   This is their community page where they can connect their hearts with yours.   

Thank you from the bottom of their hearts.  They love each and every one of you and deeply appreciate your heart as we all stand together and "LOVE" on them as the body of Christ!  God's Grace continues to amaze us!  

Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit their CaringBridge Site.  Please feel free to share!