Ronald Brandt

In the summer of 2016, Ronald J. Brandt was diagnosed with Peritoneal Carcinoma, which is a rare form of cancer inhabiting the Peritoneum, which is the thin layer of tissue that lines the abdomen. Within a few weeks after his diagnosis, he would be hospitalized. In the fall of 2016, Ron was transported home on Hospice care, where the nurses predicted he would survive no longer than a week or two.  Against all odds, he is still with us today. 

He was bedridden, barely able to walk, and was tube-fed through a machine because his intestines were not functioning (what is called an "ileus.") Slowly, he was able to eat bits of food here and there, and his condition gradually improved. For about two years after that, he was able to live life nearly to the fullest. Ron would go biking and adventuring with his friends, he would garden and tend the house, and he would even have a drink or two on the weekends (ok definitely more than that, who am I kidding?) His cancer wasn't receding but it wasn't excessively growing either. We were happy to spend valuable time with our cherished father. 

Fast forward to January 2019 (some 60 chemo treatments later). Some of Ron's old conditions were re-appearing which caused our family concern. He was having difficulties defecating, he felt bloated, and he had troubles breathing. His condition worsened and he became weak. We transported him to the hospital, where he was transferred to the ER.  Ron's "ileus" came back (the medical term for lack of movement in the intestines) and he was stuck in the hospital yet again. Ron is scheduled to be back home this week of February 11, 2019. He will be on home care in a medical bed and he will be tube-fed by a machine (for the time being). We are hoping that he makes a recovery again, just like he did in Fall 2016, but there is also a chance that he won't be able to recover like last time. His condition is pretty much up in the air at this point, lord knows what lies ahead. 

Ron is going to need some help being cared for these next weeks/months. We plan on posting periodic updates on this site, so keep the link saved to check in on his condition. 

If you would like to show your support or visit, please contact Tyler Brandt at We appreciate food delivery, gift cards, notes of support, flowers, and all things of the like. Messages/contributions can be mailed to 2530 s. graylog ln New Berlin, WI.