Rocky Baisch Angie Bir

First post: Oct 2, 2018 Latest post: Oct 18, 2018
 Rocky was in a serious motorcycle accident October 29th in Covington.  He was taken to Harborview and remains in intensive care, he has sustained serious head trauma and multiple broken bones.  He has had three surgeries so far but has not experienced any strokes.  Rocky remains in a coma at this time but is not paralyzed and has movement.  

The brain trauma was so severe that a large portion of his skull was removed to relieve pressure.  The second surgery was to remove his spleen that sustained damage from the accident.  Today his surgery was to repair his shattered/dislocated shoulder and other bones.  This is going to be a long recovery and there will be many  regular updates.  

His daughter and family are by his side, please send Rocky your thoughts and prayers.   Although we want to talk to each of you personally, we are overwhelmed and focused on Rocky.  Please check back regularly for updates and we'll continue to share his progress.  At this time, he remains in a coma in intensive care and so please reach out via this site and we will share with Rocky.  Thank you one and all for your thoughts & prayers, it means the world to us.