Robin Lander

First post: Jun 14, 2018 Latest post: Dec 7, 2020
As I enter this journey of fighting HER2 positive breast cancer that was found exactly a week before my 50th birthday. What, is it not bad enough turning 50??...but adding cancer to it! 😳

The intent of this page is  to update all of my friends and family on my ongoing treatment.    :) 

I have 3 masses all between 2.3-2.8 cm in size and growing, with lymph node involvement. (that means the cancer has already spread outside of my breast into the lymph nodes)

I’ll be receiving TCHP Chemo treatments to stunt the growth and kill the cancer cells before I have my mastectomy.

I will lose my hair and my breast... and although I never thought I could handle that, when you put it into prospective at least I won’t be losing my LIFE. Myself and my family have been keeping a positive outlook on all of this information that we have had to swallow in the past couple weeks.  The truth of that matter is that I will be very sick, but this too shall pass. 

I’ve added co-authors on here so they can keep you all informed on my progress as I might not feel like writing.

I hope I can inspire people that are also on this journey to stay positive. You are braver then you know. 

We are fighting for our lives and we will kick this thing called cancer in the behind!