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“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in the time of need." Hebrews 4:16

My Bob was diagnosed with lymphoma large cell B last summer, an aggressive cancer, but treatable. We both tested positive for covid mid October, both with mild symptoms. Chemo continued, nasty stuff, PET scan, half way point of treatments, showed NO CANCER! Chemo continued. December 6 Bob woke up with a fever and had to go back to the hospital. Bacterial pneumonia, which traveled to his blood. We've known life at our house without Bob in it for 26 days. We DON'T like it. Face time and oxygen masks don't go well together. We were hoping Bob would be home for Christmas but his health took a turn that made that plan impossible. 

 In the late hours of Tuesday My Bob was moved to the ICU. At midnight they put Bob on bipap, at 2 am they put him on a ventilator. At 3 am Bob's heart stopped. They did CPR, got a heart beat and called me for the 3rd time. Wednesday we met with palliative care  and the ICU team, to decide how we wanted to proceed. They asked us to tell them about who Bob is......We told them he is our EVERYTHING! He lights up a room, he feeds off of human relationships, he never leaves a place without making a new friend, he sings the tampon song in the middle of woodmans with his teenage daughters at his side(but they would leave as soon as he started singing🤭) and we will fight as hard for him as he is fighting for us! We are a family of faith! And we have so many people praying for his healing. We are not giving up! We believe in MIRACLES! 

Everyone agreed we'd continue treatment and see how he responds for the next 24 hours. With kidneys shutting down, heart failure and breathing complications we needed a miracle and we got one!!!!! His kidneys are producing urine. His heart is still beating and his need for oxygen is getting less.

Bob is still critical but so many baby steps have happened.  We are storming the gates of heaven and asking God to continue to heal Bob completely and we are so thankful for all your prayers as well. We give all the glory to God and proclaim him the greatest physician!!!

We're requesting  videos of your favorite Bob memory and what he means to you. We want to show Bob, when he is able to watch them, how loved and needed he is. This man's best medicine is interaction with people!!!! Please PM any of us and we will add it to the video messages already received! 

We love you and God knows we still need him this side of heaven, he is our World!❤

Happy New Year!