Robert Chickillo Robert R Chickillo

First post: Dec 2, 2020 Latest post: Jan 19, 2021
Bob was taken to his doctor for a physical.  He is weighing 115 lbs (½ of his original weight. He has a condition called cachexia (you can look it up on google). It is called the "wasting disease " usually due to a critical underlying condition such as cancer, COPD, etc. There is no cure for this.   Bob will be transferred to an assisted living unit where he will receive hospice care on-site. There he will be taken care of, followed by medical experts, and made to feel as comfortable as possible le. Right now he is not in any pain but he has no appetite and has stopped eating for the time being.  We will communicate updates to his website to keep you all informed of his condition on a daily basis.  Please keep him in your prayers as he undertakes this journey.

Josephine Silvey