Bob Nunnallee Robert Hue Nunnallee

First post: Sep 17, 2020
Bobby began having some discomfort in his groin area radiating down his left leg sometime before Christmas 2019. His routine colonoscopy soon thereafter resulted in 2 fairly large polyps, which were removed and biopsied (with inconclusive results). The doctor was concerned that they were so large after only 2 years since the last colonoscopy, and about his 10 lb. weight loss. A CT scan was ordered, which again was inconclusive so a PET scan was ordered next. The first 2 months of 2020 were spent testing and waiting on results - the nightmare of any cancer patient. In late February after further molecular testing he was diagnosed with Stage IV Gastroesophageal/Small Bowel Adenocarcinoma to be treated with a chemo regimen referred to as FOLFOX (he completed 10 of 12 scheduled cycles). He was admitted to the hospital August 22 for several days only to be discharged and re-admitted just a few days later. He made the decision to go on Hospice care and returned home the late afternoon of Sept. 3rd...... he passed away with Bonnie and Coby by his side in the early morning of Sept. 4th.  We take comfort in believing he is now horsing around in Heaven with Billy, both in their cancer-free bodies, with Bert and Margie watching on...