Richard Johnson

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On Sunday Richard fell in the garage while taking out the trash.  The neighbors helped him up and called me.  When we got there to check him out, he assured us he was FINE!  Throughout the week he seemed to be okay, just a little banged up and sore.  On Monday morning (July 2) dad fell while going from the kitchen to the living room.  Not stumbling or loosing balance, he simply lost the ability to stand on his left leg and it went out and he was on the floor.  After having xrays later that day, he was admitted to the hospital (Northeast Methodist) and scheduled for partial hip replacement surgery the next day.  

Tuesday, July 3rd, noon, dad had partial hip replacement surgery.  His spirit have been very good.  He's joking with the nurses and doing well.  

Allergic reaction to Morphine - that was no fun, about itched his nose off his face. (lol) 

Wednesday, July 4th - what a way to spend July 4th!  His big celebration for the day was sitting on the side of the bed and standing up.  Changing his pain med to Norco (sp?)  

Oh mercy!  what a night!  The Norco made him have crazy hallucinations!  (no fun) So today we're back to Tylenol 3 - that's what seems to work best.  
I won't even begin to tell you all the crazy shenanigans he pulled throughout the night and this morning - lol - but I think we have some good bribing material! 

Thursday, July 5th - it has been a good day.  He is sleeping well (I guess so after keeping us awake all night) and getting back to normal.  Eating well and did more PT today.  Sitting on the side of bed and standing is all they are trying to accomplish at this point.   We were notified this evening that he will probably be discharged to a in-patient physical therapy center.  I have spent this afternoon researching and visiting our options.  We have found a nice facility not far from our house.  It will be easy for mom to go back and forth at her leisure.  

Thanks for your continued prayers.