Remington Wayne Bakken

First post: Nov 3, 2019 Latest post: May 25, 2021

Friday afternoon we had a routine jaundice check up for Remington. At the check up the jaundice counts had gone down but the doctor noticed Remington looked “uneasy” and to just keep and eye on him. At that time we knew he hadn’t ate in four hours but we thought that was due to discomfort of not having a BM. Remington continued to refuse to eat and also started having periods of rapid breathing and cold body temps. At 10:30 pm Ethan Bakken and I made the decision to bring him into the Spencer ER. The er doctor noticed he was having moments of rapid breathing and he did have a low body temp. They took a chest X-ray and lab work and spoke with a neonatal specialist at the children’s hospital in Omaha. At which point they decided it would be best to transfer him. When the flight crew nurses arrived they immediately recognized his breathing as a top sign of cardiac problems! They intubated Remington and placed him on a sedative and paralysis to make his little body not have to work so hard. It took them a while to get him stable for transfer and finally left for Omaha around 5:15 am. Ethan and I quickly ran home packed, grabbed Kinlee and headed to Omaha. About half way there we got a called stating that Remington had arrived but was very very sick and they were not sure if he was going to make it. They asked for permission to place him on a heart lung bypass machine called ECMO. We arrived in Omaha around 9:15 and were updated shortly after arriving by the doctor. They pin pointed the problem as an aorta constriction and said they had him stable and his numbers were improving. Remington has suffered damage to his liver, kidneys, and intestines due to loss of blood flow to his lower body. We will not know how bad until later. His body also had a large amount of lactic acid (levels at 20+) which they said was a sign of how sick he really is. Their goal is to keep him on ECMO until his body is recovered a lot more and then he will require heart surgery to remove the constricted part of his aorta. Their main concern now is a brain bleed due to him requiring a blood thinner to be on ECMO. They did multiple ultrasound of his brain, ekgs and echos through out the day yesterday and so far there is no brain bleeds and his heart is improving with the circulation to the body. When we got our final report last night his lactic acid had dropped to 3.7 which is great! Their goal is to have it under two. They are also doing hourly lab work. Remington has had a central line placed for easy blood removal and well as two monitors that are checking his lower and upper blood pressure. We have been given a room at the Rainbow Bridge house in Omaha for as long as Remington is here. This will be a long road to recovery and he will require heart surgery. Just when and how serious has not been decided. My mom (Victoria May Deuel) has created a caring bridge website where we will keep everyone updated as things change and happen. Keep our baby boy in your hearts and prayers. All the doctors said yesterday was it was nothing short of a miracle that Remington made it through what he did. He truly is “one of a kind and tough as you can find”. So far big sister is handling the situation as good as to be expected. Ethan and I are remaining strong for our little man. Please understand if we don’t return messages as we are very occupied with Remington but we see your guys outreach and prayers and greatly appreciate them.