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My second journey with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer began in August 2010 almost 2 years to the date when I first began my journey in 2008. A Cat Scan confirmed along with my raising tumor markers that I would need to start chemo. We chose to do Doxil this time because the Dr. wants to save the chemo's I was on before in case I get it for the 3rd time. I have a spot on my spleen & one spot under my rib area! The day I had the Cat scan I just prayed that God would let me be able to fight this so when the Dr. said it was very curable, all I could do was Praise the Lord. I wanted to get started right away so up to the Infusion center I went. I was greeted by one of my special nurses & she hugged us & walked arm in arm with us. She asked me if I wanted a private room & right away, I said, No, I want a room with a view! Wow, how far God has brought me since 2008. You see I knew in my heart that if chemo was an option I was not going to be afraid and would fight this with the Lord & my family by my side. Also I wanted to hold & love my new Grand baby girl that would arrive in the fall. My cancer survivor son Curt & Lisa were going to have their very own miracle baby that we had prayed for so long. God had answered this prayer and I wanted to be part. God has blessed us so much once again during this journey. Every time I am with my family, my precious grandchildren & each time I hold this new baby I am just so happy to be alive. After 3 treatments I was found in remission, Praise the Lord. The Dr. had to stop my treatment short since I had to many side effects from the Doxil. So in less than 24 hours on Nov. 1st, I was in remission & on the 2nd our beautiful Samantha Jean was born to our son & precious Lisa. How can I be nothing but thankful and full of hope. Thank you for all your love & prayers for our family. We are so blessed. I love you all. Love & Prayers, Carol

The Lord is my Rock, My fortress & My Deliver, MY God is my Rock, in whom I take Refuse. Psalm 18:2 My 3rd recurrent cancer story has began as we watched my tumor marker climb, so on Jan. 24th the CATSCAN showed 4 spots of cancer, 2 in the pelvis, 2 under my arm near my rib again. Also a large hernia in abdomen. My Chemo of Taxil & Carpoplatin was on Jan. 25th, 2012. The good news I will beat this again with the Lord providing and the Dr., meds and my families & friends great love & care for me, for us. Another Praise news, is that our little Samantha & I have been praying for a brother or sister be it the Lord's will & the day of my CATSCAN, Curt, Lisa & Sammy seen their new baby on the ultrasound, so just look at, How Great, Our Great Big God is. Baby is due Aug. 6th. ( Curt celebrated 9 years cancer clear on Dec. 20th, 2011.) I am praying that God will restore to me my health, so I can help take care of this precious new one. I love all my grandchildren so very much and I do pray that I get to see & partake in all the events that take place in their life's and be a big part in all their life's. God is just so good, good all the time. I am so content & so joyful. The journey is not so scary this time because I know the Lord has so many special blessings planned along the journey path. I would ask you all to pray that I can stay on track with my chemo & that it will take every cancer cell from my body, so I can be done in May and be found in remission once again. . God Bless You each one, Love & Prayers, Carol

Praise the Lord and see all His incredible ways! May 8th brought an end to the 6 round of chemo. Thank you all so much for your prayers for me to stay on track, as I did! We are so thankful and so very happy in the Lord! I am excited to share also that this new baby that will be born to Curt and Lisa is a baby boy. Little Samantha is so excited! We are also. God is just so good all the time and I thank him for yet another blessing! My life is full and I am content and living each day looking to God for all that He has planned for me. God Bless each one of you, I love you all and to my family, I could not be loved more! God and each of you have made me stronger. 3X Survivor, Carol

The heavenly Father's arms never tire of holding His children. I love you Jesus and thank you for holding me yet through another journey of love, pain, tears, but most of all, the unlimited blessings forever mine!

July 26th, 2012 our Jake Paul Neufeld was born to Curt, Lisa and Sam. Thank you our Lord for hearing our prayers for yet another miracle for all of us. I shall never forget your ways Oh, Lord!

December shows Curt 10 years cancer clear! Again our praises are lifted up to you Lord, the great healer and giver of life!

Journey 4, 3-5-13 begins, marker at 38, pelvic lump felt, cat scan shows mass by left kidney, lump under left arm, lump by rib cage,chemo of Topotecan begins & surgery 3-15, I did 27 Topotecan treatments!

Dec. 2, I had a stint replacement by Dr. Gibb, on Dec. 3rd I had a colonoscopy that was clear, Praise The Lord! The Lord is GOOD! Dec. 3rd I had the CATSCAN, The scan shows that the only tumor left is the one by my pelvic area and only grew a bit with my 3 week break from chemo!

So an extended journey begins with treatment 9a, 9b and then on Dec. 16 th, 2013 I am admitted to Glasgow Hospital for lung infection with high fevers. They started me on Rosephen IVs and oral meds. On day 3 they see I have a severe UTI infection so they change meds to Cefuroxime Axetil, with Macrobid for UTI! I get relief, Thank you Lord again and again for my healing. The Dr. and Staff scared me to see we need to be more careful about germs and all! Lord I shall do my part if you give me more time, I was dismissed the 21st, home felt so very good! I went back on the 23rd for blood work and was able to return home! Thank you Lord. I have been home resting lots hoping to get my strength to resume my chemo. 4XSurvivor!

I am so excited to share that our Curt celebrates 11 years cancer clear this December 2013! My Lord, My Jesus how I praise thee over and over for giving Curt remission!

In January of 2014 I began the treatment that Dr. Gibb tried so hard to spare me from, Cisplatin and Gemzar one a week X 3 and one week break! That's the part I had hoped would change but let us go for it! My Dr. say's I am so sorry but I am going to make you sick, I said, you have to remember I am one tough woman! He say's, I know that but I am still going to make you sick. The beginning of treatment was not so bad but it did get bad and as I would throw up, I thought yes you were right Dr. Gibb. I actually felt better after each time I threw up, so it could have been way worse. I did shave my head as I started losing so much hair so it felt good to get it off, hair is just one more thing in the day to take care of! I don't sweat the small stuff anymore, not at all.

I got very weak towards June and was admitted into the Billings hospital, they took such wonderful care of me. I could not have asked for more help. I was low on 2 pints of blood, sodium, potassium, counts were down, had a kidney infection. I was running high fevers. I was a mess, no wonder I had no energy. At that time my Dr. did a CatScan and the good news was that the solid tumor was gone, the chemo combo did the work along with all the prayers. There was still disease present in lymph nodes so the Dr. said lets give you a break from chemo! Yes, I was ready! We were ready. I have to say I had been wondering if the cancer wasn't getting the best of my body but this gave me hope once again! I did have to have a stint taken out and one put back in with in a two weeks time. The stint does not like my body and I have lots of pain but as of August 12, 2014 I have had tests and the bladder, kidneys and stint look great! That is wonderful news. Thank you Lord!

Maybe the next stint exchange will be more comfortable! I will just take tylonal when needed or pain pills, just knowing all is well is so good. I am meeting with a specialist about my left leg swelling today, the 14th! I pray they don't tell me to put my feet up, I am so excited to have this new energy while I have had this wonderful break from chemo. I will see my Dr. for cancer check up on Monday the 18th! I am praying for God's will, not my will Lord!

Life is so Good and I am content! I am blessed! Journey 6 begins,  I started out with chemo marker at 168 so I will be taking Carboplatin and Taxol for the third time. I began October, my spa day was filled with love and kindness. They ran the drugs nice and slow.  Reactions came later in the week with feeling like my stomach was on fire and other parts of my body. I also broke out with flushing and rash!  November 3 rd, the Dr. said he would cut the Carboplatin dose down so that will be good.  My tumor marker dropped to 148,  the solid-tumor was more pronounced.  He also said the swelling of my leg was most likely the cancerous nodes or tumor that is obstructing the blood flow to my left leg so stop the Warfarin and do Lovenox injections!  Oh, how happy I was to know we have a plan. The reason I also have been dragging is that I am low on blood. Thank you Lord that I will get blood and be renewed.  Oh, how I thank the people that give so others like me can live.  Lord bless the blood I shall receive tomorrow, I woke up flushed and had severe itching and break out but did not think much about it until after I received my two pints of blood and left. My finger nails started turning yellow and my face had yellow spots on them. Back to the clinic we went. The Dr. said it was mostly due to a Carboplatin reaction since I have had so many treatments of this. My deepest thought was Oh, No what are our options. I want to live! I want to Fight this!  He told me there were many options and I would be the one to say when enough is enough. Well let's fight with all our might. I am happy and content in The Lord. I am so grateful to my Jesus for all my blessings. I cannot thank The Lord enough.  My tears of gratitude fall often. Let us run the race before us and at the end, God will say well done good and faithful servant of mine. More great Praise The Lord news! Our son Curt celebrates 12 years cancer free Dec. 19th! He had his check up and is all clear once again. Oh, how I praise him for the miracle of healing in his life. I am so happy and so thankful over and over again.  

It's been a long year to journey, God has been there every step of the way. I have held onto Jesus hand,

There was two hospital stays in November and December. The tumor ruptured and I hemorrhaged.

I had radiation for two weeks, time to rest the body, no chemo for a bit! Thank you Jesus.

The next stay was when I had kidney failure, high fevers, low on blood. Blot clots still making life miserable in so many ways. Jesus never let go of me, of us. I scared my honey as the Drs, wanted us to be prepared for my home going to heaven.

Well God heard our prayers and gave me newness, one baby step at a time. I started Avastin chemo every 3 weeks, so far so good! Thank you Jesus.

God also blessed us with a new granddaughter and Curt and Lisa named her Piper Carol. I was so touched, my namesake. God just kept giving me the fight to live.

The last few weeks I've had increased energy. I did not know if I would ever experience these days of being able to clean, cook, sew, shop! Thank you Jesus.

The great news is that the last two cat-scans have showed no cancer. No cancer. Wow, this is praise the Lord news. I am in awe, no cancer! Thank you over and over again and again Jesus.

Please don't ever allow me to take a day for granted.

We are so thankful, so blessed, our son will celebrate 13 years cancer clear December 19th. Lisa and Curt have been blessed with Samantha Jean, Jake Paul, Piper Carol.

Our blessings over flow. My heart is full of love, proclaiming His mercies, new each day. I love you Lord, I love you my family. I love you my friends. I love you Jesus, I love life.

Life is so good!

I shall continue Avastin chemo. I asked Dr. Gibb, how long. He said, until your cancer returns! I said, the cancer is not coming back!

I do know that no matter what the Lord has planned, it is well with my heart.

As we journey on, let us continue to hold tightly to the hand of Jesus. Let us hold tightly to each other.

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