prestyn Rodgers

First post: Nov 23, 2020 Latest post: Aug 30, 2023
On November 20th, 2020, Prestyn woke up full of smiles and his big personality. He ate breakfast and lunch and played video games and toys with his little brother and two sisters. He ran around the house as he tickled his brother and he screamed and giggled. I went on my day working and Aaron took care of the kids and made sure school work was completed in the breaks of kids goofing around. Dinner time came and went and the day was just that a typically Friday. Me and Aaron started moving furniture around- to move the girls room downstairs with the boys- oh how the boys and girls were happy!! prestyn started talking about building a fort and grabbed all the kitchen chairs- me and Aaron of course told him to chill as we were trying to move everything.. so the kids went outside and me and Aaron worked. as we were working the laughter of kids running into the house like mad men overcame the house as they ran laughing and screaming down the stairs. they of course then jumped on their video games.. boys.... me and Aaron Continued to work when we were overcome by a loud scream. Prestyn came out of his room saying his head hurt. I asked what happened and he said he fell outside on his hover board... darn boys i thought. No mark no bruising no scrape-ur fine I said go upstairs and ask Aaron for ibuprohen.. he did, then came back downstairs and went into his room and laid down... mom turn off the lights And shut the door.. okay... I went in to check on him every 10 mins as I'm a mom to boys and know signs to watch for with concussions like I'm a pro at it by now. no issues.. go upstairs and am in bathroom. Aaron's at mcdonalds getting a soda, when prestyn started screaming on the top of his lungs... a scream I have NEVER heard before. He's pacing all over saying something was not right and his head was hurting sooo bad. still no bruises no marks no scrapes... Aaron comes home... prestyn let's see your eyes (Aaron can't tell but believes one pupil is dialated) prestyn open ur eye! As it starts to droop down. He couldn't... he lost function of his left eye. I take my light and look- peeling open his eye. do u need to go to hospital. Yes! As he walks away. I go in room and get clothes on.. Aaliyah where's prestyn? He's already in the car she responded.... that's when I knew... my child who hates the doctor was rushing me out of the house to get him to get help. I rushed into the car and rushed him to Theda. He's quiet... I rush him inside and he sits in my lap crying holding his head. the nurse came right in. Prestyn said his head hurt and his neck holding the area. doctor came in a moment later and prestyn lost all control over right arm and face. He could no longer talk without a slur and was droolong and talking with no sense.. he was rushed to ct five mins later a team of trauma doctors came in. Your son is very very ill... he needs to go to trauma and be flown to Milwaukee... he was rushed out and placed in a trauma room with 20 doctors and staff. Tubes going everywhere lines going in. "We need to incubate him or he won't live" theda star landed. everything happened soooo fast.... me and my mom got into my car and rushed to Milwaukee... 30 minutes out and the surgeon from Milwaukee calls- how far are you? 30 minutes- ur son went in for another cat scan he got worse in flignt I have to preform brain surgery now. here I am... on the highway... 30 minutes away.. and my son is being rushed into brain surgery.... without me.... do whatever u need to do to save my sons life! The call ended.. I get to the hospital with my mom and we wait.... 230am I am finally able to see him... surgeon came out saying my son was very very sick... he did not know if he would make it... he asked what happened and I explained that my son stated he fell... sergeon asked about any symproms prior... tired. Yes.... sick to stomach? Yes... confused? yes.... headaches? Yes.... I think he might of suffered from an anyrism but we won't know until further testing... my Son continues to be at children's hospital in the pediatric intensive care unit.. they do not know what his outcome will be but the first 3-5 days will tell if my son will survive... me and Aaron are off work as we need to be here and for our other kids. He needs to travel back and forth from here to Milwaukee, we have four other kids... money is going to be tight especially with needing to eat in Milwaukee and travel so much along with still caring for our other kids needs... anything is appreciated at this time.