Ginny Ynostrosa

First post: Oct 26, 2020
Virginia (Ginny) Ynostrosa is the daughter of one of my co-workers, and she has been battling leukemia along with seizures and other complications for about a year now. Although she is only 7, she has fought more battles than most of us will in our lifetime.

I learned of Ginny’s battle a couple of months ago, and her story has captivated my heart and soul and pulled on my heart strings. Aspects of your life are put into perspective once you hear all the struggles this young girl, along with her family, has been through. The Ynostrosa family lives in Midland; each time Ginny has to be admitted to the hospital, they must drive to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, which is several hours away. The cost for her medical needs and expenses for the trips (food, lodging, parking, etc.) has taken a toll; so much so, they cannot provide Ginny and the rest of her siblings, most of whom are young and do not fully comprehend what's going on, any Christmas gifts.

Almost everyone has been or will be affected by cancer in some way or another throughout their life, so I know most of you must understand this dilemma to some degree. Cancer not only takes a toll on the patient, but also wears on the whole family: from the parents who have to leave their healthy kids to go stay in the hospital, to the siblings who may experience sadness, anxiety, anger or even hopelessness.

Together, we can help to not only give this family a good Christmas, but also give them a reminder to have faith in humanity. We can help to pay it forward to those that need it. 

All we hope is that you can find it in your heart to donate at least $5, read through Ginny’s story (, and share it.  Together, we can take the holiday stress off their shoulders and help them end the year positively.

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