Eric Brumleve Prayers for Eric Brumleve

First post: Jul 21, 2018 Latest post: Nov 25, 2018

Please open your hearts and pray for our son Eric. Last Saturday (July 14th) he was experiencing chest pains and running a fever. Upon visiting the hospital emergency department, he was diagnosed with Pericarditis (inflammation of the protective tissue covering our hearts). He was discharged the same evening with prescription for anti inflammatory and painkillers and instructions to follow up with his primary care physician in one week.
He seemed to be improving until very early Tuesday morning when he telephoned for help, barely able to breathe. Eric was taken by ambulance to Eskanazi hospital where they discovered a life threatening buildup of fluid within the pericardial sac. After stabilization, Eric was transferred to Methodist Hospital where he is being administered high dose antibiotics and has undergone several procedures to both treat and further diagnose his condition.
Currently, he is in Intensive Care with his condition rated as Critical.
Again, your prayers are most urgently needed and appreciated. We will continue to update all via this Caring Bridge site as his situation changes and more information is made available to us.