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First post: Aug 6, 2020 Latest post: Aug 21, 2020
Despite Mariah's vision handicap and bowel disease she loves the outdoors including hiking, kayaking, and going out on the boat.  Mariah has been battling Chrons disease ever since she was a small child.  Most of her growing up years were spent dealing with doctors and hospitals.  Recently she has been at the UCSF childrens hospital in San Francisco.  In 2017 Mariah had a narrowing in her small bowel and the surgeon in Sacramento felt we should have the restriction removed to better her Chrons symtoms.  With the recent surgery down here in San Francisco Mariah has about half of her colon left over.  The surgeon said the part they removed was very ulcerated and thick.  She is in her third day of recovery and the nurses are educating us on how to take care of her ostomy.  The medical staff here at UCSF have been wonderful and very compassionate people. Mariah is a very strong and positive young woman.  Please join us in her journey to heal.