Patricia Perry His Way is Perfect

First post: Jun 20, 2018 Latest post: Sep 24, 2020
February 21, 2014 During an appendectomy, I was diagnosed with cancer of the appendix. My appendix and ascending colon were removed at that time. My lymph nodes were clear and both the surgeon and my family doctor felt that the cancer was completely removed. I continued to have checkups with the surgeon every 3 months. In December of 2015 I returned to my family doctor with a pain in my lower right abdomen that I described as what I might have thought was my appendix – but I didn’t have one. An ultrasound and CT scan showed a large mass on my ovary and my doctors felt that I had a secondary cancer. I was referred to gynecological surgeon and scheduled for a complete hysterectomy onJanuary 4, 2016. Pathology showed that I now had Metastatic Mucinous Appendiceal Adenomcarcinoma – cancer of the appendix that had spread to the abdominal cavity.   February 2016 My first visit with an oncologist was quite grim. Four weeks later I saw an oncologist that The OSU James Comprehensive Cancer Center and was told there was an invasive surgery that was now the standard of care and could give me more than the 12-18 months quoted by the first oncologist. I saw the surgeon and he determined that I was in good enough health to go through surgery and I was scheduled for CRT (cytoreductive surgery where they remove all visible tumors) with HIPEC (hypothermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy – a 90-minute infusion of heated chemotherapy directly in the abdomen while my body was shaken and rocked to make sure it got in all the nooks and crannies) on May 25, 2016. May 25, 2016 Surgery was 12-1/2 hours and included another surgeon being called in to repair my bladder which was damaged in a prior surgery. I was released from the hospital after 10 days but returned via emergency squad less than 48 hours later with a perforated bowel. I was rushed into surgery and the tear was repaired. I didn’t recover as expected and was taken in for another surgery the following Sunday morning. I was sent home 27 days after surgery with 5 drains, an open incision necessitating Home Health Care, an elastic binder for support, and a rolling walker. August 2016 First CT scan after surgery showed No Evidence of Disease (NED). We were thrilled. My body continued to heal and the incision finally closed up late in September. February 2017 My CT scan showed a thickening, a possible nodule, and some sports on my lung. March 9, 2017 I had a port surgically implanted and began chemotherapy (Folfiri, Avastim, and 5FU) the following Monday. After 2 months and no noticeable changes, I went to a “watch and wait” status, visiting the oncologist every 2 months with scans every 4 months. February 2018 The scan showed that additional nodules in all 4 quadrants of my lungs and a few spots on my liver. I started low dose chemo that month. At this point my cancer continues to grow slowly. The purpose of the chemo is to slow it down a bit and give me more time. ------------------- When I first went into surgery in February 2014, I prayed “Lord, help me to glorify you in life and death.” Not expecting the surgery to be anything but routine, I wondered why I was prompted to add the phrase “in death” but that is my prayer through all the days of my life. The evening that we received the phone call that they’d found a mass around my ovary, I had just prayed aloud, “Lord, help me learn to trust you more.” I can truly say that I am learning to trust God more. I have no strength of my own and it is only through His strength that I can go on with this diagnosis hanging over my head. Truly God is my strength and my song. I have been posting updates on Facebook and decided that it was time to move things over to Caring Bridge to make them accessible to more and yet not visible to just “anyone.” I trust that my posts will not only give you information for praying, but that you will see how strong my God is. God is good; He is always good. “This one thing I know for sure; my God is in control. His way is perfect! Though I don’t understand His wise and loving plan, God makes no mistakes – His way is best.” June 20, 2018