Pam Kroeger

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March 28- first appointment with Dr Susan Beck
                         Ultrasound, biopsy, mammogram 
March 30 GOOD FRIDAY . BIOPSY RESULT- invasive ductal carcinoma
April 2 MRI
APRIL  4, 2018. Appointment with Dr Beck. Received path report. Stage 2. Did lymph node biopsy of suspicious lymph node ( from MRI), made same day appointment with medical oncologist. Met Dr Schultheiss. Plan discussed for 5 months of chemo..
April 6- chemo education 
4-7.  Anna back from trip and told her
April 8-17 Bahamas trip

4-8-2018 I would like to ask you all for prayers. We have endured a difficult week. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is stage 2. It is highly treatable and prognosis is good.  We were just able to tell Anna today as she has not had reliable internet while on her trip. Pray especially for Anna as she is alone ( but with many new friends) and far away. ( for anyone who doesn’t know...she is in Cape Town, South Africa).  We will be working to get her home for a visit. Pray for Adam as he will tuck his feelings inside and for Dave as he has already had to be my caregiver post ankle surgery.
I will start chemotherapy on April 20. (5 months of chemo). Please pray for peace in all the decisions we have to make. I also need prayers for my anxiety that has been taking hold of me this week.    I believe God is by my side through it all. We had a trip planned to the Bahamas and the docs said to go  and try to relax before treatment begins. So next week you may have to endure ocean photos from me again. Then we will return and get down to business of killing off the cancer. Our trip to visit Anna in South Africa  in May had to be cancelled.
I plan to return to work the week after chemo starts ( after the leave for ankle surgery) please pray I can handle that and some photography over the summer.