Pam Kay

First post: Aug 25, 2020 Latest post: Sep 23, 2020

Welcome!  We made this site to share news about our mom Pam.

She had been feeling unwell this summer, and in August she went in for some testing.  They found esophageal cancer, stage four.  This is an incurable cancer that will be managed with chemotherapy, and possibly immunotherapy later on.  A 4mm tumor was discovered to be at the top of her stomach where it meets the esophagus.  There were also many, innumerable, tumors in her liver; the largest being egg-sized.  As you can imagine, these tumors being present made eating and drinking very painful.  A central port was placed to reduce the need for repeated IV pokes. To assist her in maintaining strength and hydration, daily IV fluids were started though the port, as well as a g-j feeding tube, scheduled for placement on Thursday 8/27.   She received her first round of chemo on 8/21. Chemotherapy is scheduled for every two weeks, ongoing.

Andy, Amy, Amber, and the grandkids Marin, Roma, and Rita were able to visit her in San Diego for three days during the time of her first chemo treatment and share some good times together!  While the rest of the family went home, Amber was able to stay in San Diego longer to provide extra nursing care and support to get Pam through the worst of the side effects of starting treatment, as well as create a routine and schedule for medications and appointment going forward.  

Pam's condition had worsened significantly during the two weeks leading up to treatment, but the medical care team is hopeful that the chemotherapy will be effective in stopping growth, and even shrinking the tumors, providing Pam with fast relief.  

She needs your prayers and support during this difficult time. If you want a more tangible way to show support, she loves cards and mail, as well as texted videos and photos of support. Keep them coming!