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First post: Dec 31, 2020 Latest post: Aug 16, 2021
On December 30, 2020, Ozzie vomited after two separate feedings. This is very abnormal for our happy little guy. Eli was able to talk to a nurse at Ozzie's pediatric office and scheduled an appointment for that day to be seen. Ozzie's doctor is in the same building that I (Jennifer) work in. I was able to join Eli for this appointment. It was recommended by two pediatricians at that visit to have some lab work done and a chest x-ray. Labs came back normal, but the x-ray however showed an enlarged heart. Calls were made by doctors and it was strongly recommended that we head to children's hospital emergency department and that they would be expecting us. 
We arrived, and to make a long ass story a little shorter, after 3 hours of more blood work, IV placement, covid test and an echo we were rushed up to the cardiac ICU due to Ozzie's increased effort to breath. For the rest of the night Ozzie was monitored closely and supplemental oxygen was provided due to oxygen levels hovering around 88%. This is where our journey starts.