Michael Okones Now We Fight

First post: Oct 11, 2018 Latest post: Aug 30, 2020
Michael's fight started on a normal Friday. He was sitting at home with his wife Sara, enjoying a normal evening together. That night, Michael was rushed to the hospital because of what they believe to have been a partial absence seizure.  At that time, the reason was unknown. He was set up to get an EEG and then an MRI. The EEG came back normal, but the MRI showed the culprit. A decent sized tumor growing inside his brain. The neurosurgeon knew right away, that he would not be able to operate or remove any of it, because of the location. On October 4th, Michael underwent a craniotomy to perform a biopsy on the tumor. The procedure went well, and recovery was off to a great start. The neurosurgeon did say, from what they saw under the microscope, it was a malignant tumor, and looked to be a grade 3 or 4 Primary Glioma. With that said, nothing is 100% until pathology reports come back from the Mayo Clinic. 

Michael and his family appreciate every well wish, prayer, kind thought, and person that has reached out. However, it can be very overwhelming, trying to keep everyone in the loop, especially when at the moment, it's a waiting game. Once results come back, and the surgeon and oncologist know more about the specific type of tumor and grade, we will set up a treatment plan which we know will involve radiation and chemotherapy. Michael will also be reaching out for second opinions, to ensure he is getting the best care to fight this cancer. 

Please use this page to get updates on Michael's journey. As soon as we know something, we will update here. This will give Michael a little bit of a break, trying to respond to everyone. It gets very overwhelming for him. If you have specific questions about anything, you can always leave comments on here, and we will get to them when we can. You can also leave well wishes here, instead of through text. Right now, Michael needs to focus on healing, gaining strength, and then fighting as hard as he can!

We love you all!

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