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Hello friends and family, 

I want to extend a gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me to date through this diagnosis and illness.  The money, the food, the love, the adventures, the is all so meaningful and appreciated.  The monetary donations allowed me to leave work and focus full time on my family and self which is the greatest gift of all.  Working long hours in a demanding position was not serving me AT ALL as many of you witnesses in those early days. We have been blessed by all the love!  THANK YOU! 

For those of you who do not know, my diagnosis is Stage 4 breast cancer that has metastasized to the bones. The biggest symptom I have to date is fatigue and some pain.  The fatigue is caused by the fact that my bone marrow is not functioning properly due to the breast cancer cells in my bone marrow.  It is also caused by chemotherapy pills that I take daily, and pain meds which I take occasionally.  The pain is a result of nerves in the bones - the inside of bones can be a sensitive place believe it or not.  

I have faith that I will live a lot longer than my prognosis, and I am healing mostly by just enjoying life and doing what my doctors tell me. 

Thank you to my friend Sunni who built this site and the GoFundMe page as well.  I am noticing that she started the site on my 50th birthday which was a few days after receiving my diagnosis in 2020.  

Blessings and love, everyone!  Thanks again for the support of and kindness to my family.  Remember to do what you love each day!