Nani Ware

First post: Mar 18, 2018 Latest post: Apr 13, 2018
Welcome to my  CaringBridge website. I am  using it to keep family and my most dearest of friends who have become family to me  my progress of faith for healing of my  recently diagnosed advanced stage of breast cancer. I appreciate those of you who have contacted me to offer your support  in prayer, words of encouragement, and the extension of your personal sacrifice offering me and my family your time to help in so many ways. I am humbly touched by the love each of you have conveyed  to me and my family in these preliminary days of discovery. While I will post updates here, please feel free to call me or text me personally as I welcome keeping in personal contact with you. I am still here also to be available to each of you too. Please don't ever feel your personal contact of me is ever an inconvenience as I too want to remain active as much as I can in what matters to you as well! I really do encourage it.
Thank you for allowing me one place to post updates on the progression and thoughts of my care. Also this site has a personal planner within this website where I can post any specific areas of need of help I may have for those of you who have expressed an interest to volunteer  help in anyway. It is so much easier for me to be an offerer of help  than it is to be a requester of it. Yet, the surgeon and my personal doctor have emphasized in time it will become evident I can't  be all that I am to those who I care for which are my two children especially in the evenings when my husband is at work that depend on  me. I am raising my 17 year old stepson ,who has 1 1/2 years to graduate and my 7 year-old granddaughter whose parents have been unable to care for her. I may need additional hands to help with transportation for  their extracuricular activities. Thank you again everyone for your outreached support of my care and your love towards me. 
Aloha Pumehana (with great affection),