Mose Stoltzfus

First post: Nov 30, 2020 Latest post: Dec 6, 2020
On Saturday, November 21, Mose started with a cough. As the days progressed, it got worse regardless of our efforts. By Wednesday evening it was pretty severe and when he sat back in his recliner, he had a constant hard cough. By Thursday morning, he decided it was time to get himself checked out. We went to the ER at Ephrata Hospital, where they admitted him. His oxygen was low, so they put him on the highest level of oxygen. By Sunday, he was so worn out from breathing hard and coughing, and the doctor suggest putting him on the ventilator because Mose couldn’t do it anymore. He granted the doctor the permission to do it. Mose called Rhoda before they did it, and told her. After the sedation, they did a CAT scan to check for blood clots in his lungs. There are no blood clots, but he has Covid pneumonia.

Thank you for your prayers, and we ask that you would continue to pray as Mose is a very sick man.