Mike Rossi

First post: Dec 31, 2021 Latest post: Dec 27, 2022

At around midnight PST on December 26 (the day we acknowledged and celebrated Christmas at my Dad’s house in Missoula) we went to sleep after a night of carousing and game playing.
Mike had sudden cardiac arrest about ten minutes after I got in bed. I witnessed it in that I heard him make weird sounds that I believed was a bad dream but it was him stopping breathing..and stopping having a heartbeat. This is what happens in sudden cardiac arrest.
I tried to give CPR while screaming for help. My brother woke up Alex and he ran in and took over. We can each give a different version of what happened but Alex gave effective CPR for 10 minutes as he is trained to do. Bella was right next to him saying encouraging things to her dad and helping Alex with breaths. She walked around demanding we all stay positive in spite of Mike not coming back to life in the way we begged God or whoever was listening.
Missoula police came first with an AED which got a sporadic rhythm…the minutia of this is already getting cumbersome to explain.
Suffice to say Alex saved Mike’s life and my husband will NOT complain about the six fractures in his ribs that result from what the whole cardiological and intensive care staff called “Good CPR”
Mike will be a heart patient for the rest of his what I hope is a long life. He has been, his incredible cardiologists believe, in “ a fib” for the past year. His heart is so weak and was pumping at 15-20 percent capacity and his heartbeat was high. He has been diagnosed with both LBBB Left Bundle Branch Block. And Ejection Fraction. Google to your hearts’ content we still don’t know what *caused* the Sudden Cardiac Arrest. He also has cardiomyopathy.
My sweet strong magnificent husband has been incredibly gracious and charming and hasn’t slept a full night in 4 days. His new pacemaker/internal defibrillator will protect him from further cardiac episodes and a change in diet and medication will work to strengthen and heal his electrically inefficient heart.
The care at St. Patrick’s Hospital has been great and the support from the Spokane Fire Department brothers as well as Missoula police and fire departments has been so sweet.
We are still pretty shocked and I only feel
Okay watching him sleep while I’m awake. He shaved today and he can’t get the device wet so I helped give him an improvised clean and I’m just so happy to have him still..it’s a long story of detail and horror and beauty.