Mike Liikala Mike Liikala's Journey

First post: Apr 5, 2019 Latest post: Aug 23, 2019
Nothing could quite prepare us for what the doctors told us this Wednesday...Cancer. A word that no one wants to hear. A word that causes panic. A word that we’ve heard more times in our family than most. A cancerous mass has entangled itself around vertebrae 4, 5, 6 and 7 in Mike’s neck. We are currently waiting for the results of the full body MRI he had this evening in order to tell us more about the cancer and the next steps.

Let’s start at the beginning of this journey. The left shoulder pain started in early October prompting the first doctor’s appointment. The following week an MRI was done. They scheduled his first shoulder surgery for November 21st. There was a brief relief after the surgery, yet shortly thereafter in mid-December the pain started in his other shoulder. The pain had become worse than before. An MRI was taken of the right shoulder and the other shoulder surgery was scheduled for February 6th. Both surgeries had gone as planned. We all expected relief after these surgeries, but that never came.

Side note, Joyce decided to retire in mid December. This was the Lord’s perfect timing as the next three months were consumed with caring for Mike and trying to get to the bottom of his chronic pain.

The pain became worse. No one understood as to why there was no relief. Mike started Physical Therapy two times a week and seeing the Chiropractor two times a week to see if that would help, it didn’t. There were several times he was brought to the Emergency Room because of the pain, but no real answers as to why there was still so much.

Joyce had finally had enough. She has been watching her husband suffer from pain everyday. It was time to take matters into her own hands. Joyce walked into the clinic and made an appointment and also suggested that an MRI was needed for her husband. They scheduled an MRI for April 2nd. On April 3rd, Mike and Joyce received a phone call from his General Practitioner stating “You both need to come to Essentia NOW, I have two doctors for you, a room is ready, and don’t do anything foolish.” Being very startled and confused, they drove straight to Essentia.

When they arrived, the doctors didn’t even admit Mike, just brought him straight to a room. The doctors came in and talked about the MRI results. Cancer.

There was a sense of relief knowing there was finally an answer for his pain yet this was tough and it will be a long road ahead. Prayers will be greatly appreciated.

Mike would like to share the following:

The Lord is Great. I can easily place myself in the Garden of Eden taking a bite of the Forbidden Fruit. Creation changed in a flash. Mankind’s DNA was made to think themselves gods. From that point on bad things can happen to anyone. Why not me?

Please take care that the journal entries kindly respect this Hospital, Administrators, Doctors, Nurses, and/or Staff. They are doing a wonderful job and I praise the Lord for them always. If a change is to be made for primary caregivers, it will be done with the cooperation of both family and hospital.

I asked for this to be created not for myself. I have been blessed beyond measure. My hope is that the collective prayers will convince my Lord to intervene, which he will, undoubtedly, need to. Many times in the past and present I think His will has changed depending on the prayer of the saints. Yet, God’s perfect will is beyond good enough for me.