Mickie Knudsen

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On Wed 0ct 2 my parents were traveling from Eli Nv to Vegas to stay the night and then were planning on going down to Yuma for the winter months. Mom was very short of breath and not feeling real well. She had asked Dad for some asprin, which according to him she doesn't usually take. Then Dad drove like a bat out of Hell to get her to Vegas and to the hospital. Upon arriving she was taken back and they drew blood, checked her vitals and such and wheeled her back into the waiting room. My Dad and she talked for a bit and then he went out to the pickup to get something. When he came back in she wasn't in the waiting room and soon after they came out and got him and took him back to her room. She was laying on the table and went into Cardiac arrest. They were able to revive her and so the story began.
The cause of the cardiac arrest was do to a blockage from a massive blood clot sitting in the saddle area of her lungs.
When we arrived Thurs afternoon it looked very grim. we were told by the Dr that she is hopeful, but it didnt seem very likely that she would pull out of it.
My Mom must have heard her and wants to prove her wrong.
Yesterday, Thurs, she had an MRI done of the brain and her oldest brother Bob is a radiologist and was able to read her imaging and said it looked really good....yay we have a little more glimmer of hope. Plus she had started opening her eyes. By this morning she has opened her eyes fully, looked at us, smiled at various comments and moving her extremities now. All super good news. Please continue to pray for her as she continues down this road to recovery.