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 Around 2 years ago we lost my mother to stage four lung cancer … three months after my mom passed away they found a spot in my dad‘s liver the diagnosis was  hepatocellular carcinoma . He had radiation and was placed on the liver transplant list after a few months of treatment the tumors were barely recognizable he was stable and doing well. 
About a month   And a half ago he started to not feel well and his abdomen was distended he went into AGH where they found out that the cancer in his liver had spread into the vasculature in his liver was filled with cancer.    
Because of the invasive of the cancer spreading to his blood vessels the shunt that they had placed previously to help with ascites had become occluded so he was accumulating massive amounts of ascites over 20 L or more drained within a month.   
On Monday Dr. Kiproff an interventional radiologist at AGH was able to do a procedure where they went through his internal jugular vein and down into his liver and they were able to open up the shunt.    
Today was our first follow-up appointment with the oncologist.   
This journal is so  that friends and family can keep up with my dad’s progress and also for anyone to leave kind words of encouragement for him  I will be sure to show him all the comments.