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We were hit like a freight train on Friday, September 2, 2011 with the news that our miracle and gift from God- Tyler (8 1/2 yrs) has cancer. 

He has always been a healthy-happy little guy and smart too!  He excels in school, loves baseball, loves to draw, above all he loves anything that his Daddy is doing- working, riding horses, deer hunting and fishing. 

Tyler complained about his leg hurting for about a week.  We thought he'd pulled a muscle- after a week he was still saying it hurt and then he was limping.  I was rubbing his leg on Thursday night and found a lump.  Randy and I decided I'd better take him to the pediatrician...we were thinking a pulled muscle.  Thankfully our pediatrician had the intuition to send us for an x-ray.  And here we are...Tuesday, September 6th- we've seen an Oncologist at Children's and were devastated with the news that it is bone cancer.  Over the course of the next two days- Tyler will have a CT scan, MRI, PET scan and meet with the surgeon who will do the biospy surgery.

 Randy & I are firm believers in the power of prayer- we have tried to instill this into Tyler & Parker at this point in their young lives.  If there is anything we could ask- it is for your prayers- prayers of healing, prayers of Tyler being cancer-free.

One scripture we've taught the boys is "I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength"  Phillipians 4:13...I have been saying it over and over.  My dearest-longest-friend & sister in Christ Monica, reminded me Friday that "Our God is so big, Our God is so might, there's nothing our God cannot do" (Yes I've been singing it in true Veggie Tale fashion- which Tyler told me "Mommy I love the saying but you don't have to sing it to me like Veggie Tales...I'm not that young anymore!")

Another dear friend, who has had her own share of trials and tribulations this spring and summer shared her scripture with me today- one I never knew how much it could mean until today "I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord"  Jeremiah 30:17

Please pray for Tyler's healing and health to be restored as I know God can.  

Randy & I cannot put into words the absolute amazement we have in our hearts for the prayers, love and outpour of support you have shown us - we are blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful family & friends.