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Both of our patents (Bronson and Lael) are undergoing debilitating health effects as a result of recent positive Covid-19; along with contributing health conditions, in addition to their age range.  

Dad tested positive on Friday,  April 16th.
Received the Monoclonal Antibody COVID- 19 Infusion the following day.    
Mom tested positive on Monday,  April 19th. 
Received the Monoclonal Infusion the same day.  

That Monday,  4/19, Gretchen was informed dad was feeling much better; up early doing dishes,  cleaning the floor, etc and that they did not want a ride to Grantsberg for her appt.  Later, Gretchen found out their car was dead.    With no more communication to either one,  she headed to the clinic to learn that dad was admitted to the ER due to a fall.  Dad had waited in the car for a few hours and with recovering from covid still,  lost balance and fell on left side,  hit head on curb.   
Head CT was fine but being he's on Coumadin (blood thinner) he needed 24 hour observation and Lael was bed bound by this time.   Gretchen stayed with them until later Tuesday morning with continuous check in's.     On Monday he was also diagnosed with covid pneumonia.    

Early Tuesday morning dad headed to the bathroom (using a walker as instructed) and Gretchen got up to ensure there were listening ears.  Thank goodness for that,  as Lael had passed out and was on the floor.  They both ended up with walkers but mom could hardly get up and for only short periods.   

On Friday dad had an INR appt and due to mom's condition, she made an appt for that same day.    
By this time dad hadn't been drinking much due to wanting to limit the bathroom trips and not eating much as nothing tasted good.  INR was high so Coumadin was held.  
Mom's elevated heart rate and decreased blood pressure upon standing, along with a not so happy EKG sent her to the ER.       She was discharged later that same afternoon and thankfully found a seated walker for her.  
On their way home Gretchen had a bright idea.   Being neither could/ would eat and knowing their love for an occasional DQ treat, Gretchen asked if they were up for it.  Both got smiles and said it sounded good.   They each were able to enjoy a cone. 

Saturday mom was the same but stated that evening dad seemed confused and she thought his water intake was still low.    

Sunday morning Gretchen was called as dad had a protrusion on left side near hip into lower abdomen and was in extreme pain. Upon arrival dad was in a  chair in entryway unable to get up.   Mike (Gretchen's husband) came to assist him to the car.   
Off to the ER.   Chest xray showed pneumonia was clearing. Gave a liter of fluids.  The protrusion was a hematoma (clot of blood) as a result of Monday's fall.   Labs looked ok overall,  they had no concerns said to apply heat to the swelling.     INR was down but not where it should be yet.   Hemoglobin was on the low side but again,  no concern from ER.  Sent him home.  Was told again that both of their confusion is due to the covid. 
Gretchen got him fed and settled in.   Mom was tended to and went out to sit with dad.   

Monday Mike did the morning check in,  filled waters, gave them each a protein shake that Seth's have been supplying , and made sure both were doing okay.    Upon Gretchen's arrival around noon,  mom was at the kitchen table and dad had gotten up for the first time and was in their bedroom changing.   Within minutes there was a loud noise.  Dad had fallen between their dressers (and of course,  landed partially on that hematoma).   He was coherent and stated he was lightheaded but was fine.   Got extra hands there to help Gretchen get him up.   Dad then stayed in their bed.  He was very pale with a tinge of gray at times.   Unable to stand for over 30 sec with the assist of 2. 
Mike came to assist him to the car and head back to the ER.  
With dad being in an upright position for a bit,  there was a change in condition and decided it was best for him to go by ambulance to Abbott. 
Our cousin Denise came to be with mom until Thad got there in the evening.   
Dad arrived to Abbott around 6:30pm.    Staff was given informed update along with concern of yesterday's low Hemoglobin (carrier of oxygen to tissues, organs)  and extremely large hematoma. 
Update at 10 pm.  Scans were good,  still has pneumonia and hemoglobin went down to 9.2  from the day before, 11.9.   Gretchen stated the concern of that again (men's normal range is around 14-18) esp with the significant drop.   

Tuesday afternoon we were informed that last night at 11:30 pm , hgb was down to 7.9 and given a unit of blood.    Tue at 1 pm  hgb was 8.9.  Nurse stated they're Unable to obtain a good blood pressure,  he's very weak, in rough shape and such a SWEETHEART.  ❤
At 2 pm Gretchen talked to a surgeon. 
They feel it's best to evacuate the blood clot to decompress it so the skin won't breakdown.   
So, he'll be going in for surgery Wed morning.  
They all seem to be taken away by the size of this giant hematoma. 

10pm he was resting and labs were still pending.  

Abbott will update in the morning when they know what time surgery will be. 

Thad is still with mom  to ensure safety and activities of daily living.   

***Please pray for a successful surgery and recovery for our dad and strength and healing for our mom***

We are so grateful for the love and support they/we are receiving from our wonderful family and their caring friends.    

Please refrain from calling, texting,  emailing mom.   She appreciates all of you so much but due to her condition it's overwhelming and she's unable to reply back.   They both have had some mild cognitive changes due to Covid, which is a normal side effect, esp with the elderly.    Please call or msg us kids if you'd like,  you are no bother to us, we are thankful for you.   
I decided to be extremely detailed so hopfully everyone is up to speed and things make sense without adding confusion.  

- The Erickson kids
              Thad, Seth & Gretchen