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So here’s what happened...

About a year ago Maxine fell at home and fractured her left hip. She had emergency surgery in which they put a plate and 5 screws in her femur. She has been rehabbing since then.

On Friday, September 20, Maxine went to the emergency room at Sacred Heart Hospital because her hip was hurting way more than normal. After x-rays were taken, they saw that all of the screws failed and detached from the plate. 

From there she was transferred by ambulance to Marshfield Medical Center hospital in Marshfield, WI, which is about  60 miles east of Eau Claire. The doctor to perform the surgery was at that facility. 

Surgery for a total hip replacement took place on Sunday morning. It was a 5 hour surgery, as they had to remove the old hardware and replace it with an entire new ball and socket. Surgery was a total success with 0 complications, and plans for recovery started. 

However, on Sunday night at about 9:30pm, as part of post op care, they stood her up out of bed. With as painful as it was, it went well. She got tucked back in bed, and all of a sudden she said she didn't feel well and that she was going to pass out. Her eyes rolled back and she stopped breathing. Code Blue was called as she went into cardiac arrest and lost her pulse. 3 rounds of CPR and AED (defibrillator shocks) were performed, and she finally came back.

After resuscitation, she was alert and coherant. Her memory was in tack and was okay. However, during CPR compressions, most of her ribs and sternum broke, which created a new challenge. She was transferred to the surgical ICU and is being closely monitored. They are watching her breathing because with broken ribs it can be hard to do so. If it gets worse a breathing tube may be necessary. Discussion about possibly putting in metal plates on her sternum surgically if it worsens. Tests are being run for why her heart failed.

As of now, Monday 9-23 at 4:00pm, she is stable, her vitals are doing well, breathing on her own, and is being given strong narcotics generously for pain. It’s all a waiting game right now to see how her body responds. Don’t know how long she will be in the ICU for, don’t know when or if she’ll be transferred to Eau Claire, don’t know what caused the heart attack- but many tests are being run. 

The local Hospital liason committee have been very good to us and really appreciate their kind words. Pat will be with Maxine for as long as she needs, Candace will be out here until Sunday the 30th. Bryanna has been here since Saturday and will be returning home tomorrow (Tuesday) and return later this week for a long weekend. Schedules are up in the air due to not knowing what’s going to happen yet, but someone will be with her at all times. She needs to rest so visitors need to be kept to a minimum. Please check with us before coming.

We’re using this site to keep everyone up to date. We are all very tired and need to stay awake for any other updates. We are so graciously being overwhelmed with all of our loved ones reaching out to us via text and phone calls. Use this website to stay in touch and for updates though please! FYI- this site is totally free and you do not need to donate money!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and comforting words.❤️

~Psalms 34:15, Psalms 20:1,2~