Mary Sukowatey

First post: Jun 23, 2019 Latest post: Jan 19, 2020
Mary Sukowatey underwent surgery for a knee replacement on March 25th, 2019. After the operation, she began experiencing significant delirium and confusion. Due to increased delirium during a brief stint in transitional care following the surgery, Mary returned home to her assisted living apartment at Yorkshire of Edina on April 10th.

Shortly thereafter, Mary fractured her femur, which was connected to the new knee joint. Mary again underwent surgery on April 27th to insert a metal plate along the bone. Again, she became delirious in the hospital. She was again transferred to a transitional care unit.

In late May, Mary visited the hospital again for extreme confusion, pain, and behavioral disturbances. After an almost two week stay, she was released back to transitional care. But her cognitive decline persists.

Over the last two weeks, Mary has become mostly nonverbal. When she speaks, she does so in short, uncomplicated sentences. She is tired and confused much of the time. While her body sustains, her mind does not. Care professionals have advised that Mary is no longer able to benefit from physical therapy, and we have chosen to focus on making her comfortable at this time.

Mary returned home and began receiving in-home hospice care on June 20th. There is a chance that her condition will improve as we focus on her comfort, but the future is hard to predict. In any case, I am hopeful that the coming weeks will bring more comfort to her than she has experienced in some time.

I am creating this site to inform those who care about Mary of her health status and to share the love and compassion I feel for her as she moves through this illness. Admittedly, I selfishly hope to hear stories of her life and spirit.

Please feel free to share this site with anyone you think might be interested. Mom is not able to communicate well via telephone at this time, but I’d be happy to share any well-wishes with her I find in these pages.

Keri Sukowatey