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In support of Mary Stella's battle against AML leukemia.  

On November 11, 2018 my little Mary Stella 11  month old, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.    Basically,  we thought she had a cold and took her into the pediatrician.  He scoped her ears and said she had a mild ear infection with a cold and put her on antibiotics.  A couple of days later we weren't seeing improvement and took her in again and the doctor told me she had a really bad cold.  Two days after that Luke insisted that we take her to the emergency room, which we did.   They did blood work and told us that they suspected Leukemia and that we would be transported to Lurie's Children's Hospital with in the hour.   We were both in shock.  Since then Mary Stella has endured three lumbar punctures, three blood transfusions and has been "poked" more then any 11 month old should be.  Thank god for the wonderful staff at Lurie's Children's Hospital and at the Ronald McDonald House for taking us in. We truly appreciate everything. Additionally, I want to personally thank all of you that have donated to our gofundme.  Mary Stella, started off in the NICU and a week there was 4k.  

We've created an email account for Mary Stella for you to send notes for her and she will have moving forward in life.

Personally, as her mother, I can't believe the outreach I have had for her, and I believe it goes to show the wonderful people that we associate ourselves with. God Bless you all!