Mary Gruler

First post: Dec 15, 2016 Latest post: Jul 23, 2019
Dear Friends and Family,

This past month has been filled with joy in the beautiful wedding of my granddaughter Meghan. The last of October saw the Gingerbread House filled with wonderful family. This was followed with a rather abrupt change in my health status, and after several tests, it was confirmed that I am facing surgery soon for a pancreatic carcinoma. It appears to be in the early stages which makes me a candidate for surgery, but will require extensive repair followed by chemo. I will be having surgery in early December at St. Joseph's Hospital, Ypsilanti.

It would have been my wish to continue with the bed and breakfast operation as it has been for so many years, but that is no longer an option. I am exploring the possibility of weekly rentals. My life has been blessed and enriched by so many faithful guests who returned year after year, and I am forever grateful to all of you who have become my extended family.

I've also been blessed with a loving family and many treasured friends and colleagues. I am starting this site at their request, so that all who wish to can follow my progress through surgery and recovery.

With fondest wishes to all of you,