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October 1, 2019 -

Thinking of you all as we start another fall, and holidays begin to fast approach.

Our move back here to Ks. has been a wise and most pleasant choice living closer to daughter Kathi is an absolute delight!

This note is a health update on me, primarily.

As some of you know, I have a rare abdominal cancer Psuedomyxoma peritonei.  This cancer had been unknown to ALL my doctors.  I had surgery in 1987, an abdomen exploration with a medium size tumor removed and hysterectomy.  This was the first time Psuedomyxoma peritonei was added as 2nd diagnosis, malignancy unknown! It had appeared again on removal of my gallbladder in 1998 as a 2nd diagnosis.

When I saw it again for the third time after my MRI in 2015, I started my search via the internet, became self- educated and then called MD Anderson to admit myself for evaluation.

Since my first call to MD Anderson, I have been going every 6 months for CT Scan and labs. I have learned through their research it is an appendiceal cancer, very rare, with only few major hospital centers in US specialize and knowledgeable.

In July 2018, I had a Laparoscopic “debulking” procedure to remove the by-product of this cancer causing my abdomen to expand. 

This past July ’19 visit was disappointing, my cancer has become aggressive and surgery is no longer an option to remove cancer.  As this cancer grows, the by-product of this cancer continues to grow as well and continues to fill up my abdominal cavity.  This added pressure will cause a bowel blockage.  This blockage will happen anytime now and there are no options to fix it.  I will return to MD Anderson in Nov. for next CT Scan.

Good news is I feel great and never have had any pain. This cancer is contained in the abdomen so it will not spread to any other areas of my body!

When I returned home after that news in July, I went to the Cancer Center of Kansas and became a patient of Dr. Nabbout, Oncologist. I decided I did not want to just do nothing and wait for a blockage and Dr. Nabbout had a plan to buy me some time and I’ve started it!

I decided to start a chemo regime to see if we could slow down the growth of this tumor.  My 1st treatment on 9/16, did well, no side effects from drugs, pump worked well. Energy and activity as normal.

I had 2nd chemo treatment yesterday and I still feel great, no side effects as yet.  They say I might have sensitivity to cold as the biggest side effect or the most likely to occur, and numbness of fingers and feet, as a nerve neuropathy side effect coming next. 

Routine is every 2 weeks, Mon. for infusion of 2 powerful drugs, known to kill aggressive cancer cell blood supply, then attach pump to continue infusion for 46 hours, removed on Wed.

 Lab and Dr. appointment on the following Mon. The hope is my CEA lab number to drop significantly.  If this is not the case, my treatment may end.

Prayer groups from several friends and neighbors have me doing so well.

Our Lord is so good! I trust He will continue to guide me along this path of surviving if it is His Will.

Love, Mary