Mary Ann Shurig

Hello, and welcome to my site. I would like to fill you in on my journey with Parkinsons.  I  welcome your support, especially for the next phase of this journey. I was diagnosed in 2013 with the disease and have been on meds for six years.  In that time my experience has taught me a lot:  I've grown spiritually, especially in trusting in receiving and knowing I'm supported. 

As you might know, Parkinson's is a progressive disease, and fortunately for me, treatment has progressed as well.  My shaking has been increasing beyond the meds capacity to help. My next phase is coming up! 

The next phase consists of two operations.  On September 18 they will put wires in my brain.  This operation lasts about 18 hours.  Then on September 26th they will put a pacemaker in my heart and connect the wires to the brain. Then there will be a period of four to six months of fine tuning.  

Since I live alone I'm going to need some help!  First and foremost, I welcome your prayers, now, during and after the operations. Also, I'm going to have physical needs, such as food, someone to stay with me the night after both operations, especially the first one.  More on how to stay in touch and volunteer support to follow,

Love, Mary Ann

On September