Martin Kolodrub

First post: Oct 22, 2019 Latest post: May 31, 2020
Martin and Kim’s journey to where they are today began in late September. Martin began having pain in the area that caused everyone to believe he was having sciatic nerve pain. Doctors sent him home the first go round. The pain got so bad September 25th that Kim took him to the ER to get some answers. On September 26th they were told it was not cancer, but some sort of internal bleeding causing a pelvic hematoma. They sent him home and planned to do surgery on October 10th, however on Sunday October 6th Martin ended up back in the hospital - thankfully! They discovered he had blood clots. October 10th Martin had surgery to remove what they could of the hematoma. However, the surgery didn’t go as planned. He spent a couple of days in ICU. Shortly after this they explained that it was cancer. Synovial sarcoma. Please keep their family in prayer.