Margaret Robinson

First post: Apr 22, 2018 Latest post: May 13, 2018
Margaret had a massive stroke on the evening of Thursday 4/12/18.

We didn't find her until the following morning, making her ineligible for TPA or clot removal.
She has extensive damage to the right side of her brain. It is likely that she has lost use of her left arm and leg. 

Celebrations from the week of 4/12-4/21:
*She has been extubated (removed from the ventilator) and then eventually weaned off the additional oxygen via nasal cannula.
*She was able to communicate by squeezing our hand, then by writing and finally by speaking.  We are still in very short phrases but hopeful for further progress.
*She is able to hold small ice chips in her mouth and swallow as they melt.  She is also able to swallow pudding consistency (phase 1 and easier than liquids as they go down slower).
*She is able to regulate her body temperature.
*Although the swelling in her brain continued to increase for longer than expected, it has finally stopped increasing.

Hopes for the week (4/22-4/28):
*For her pain to be under control without narcotics
*For her ability to swallow to improve with a long term goal of her being able to consume enough nutrition to sustain herself
*For her to stabilize enough that the meds to control her blood pressure and her pulse won't need to continue to be increased
*For the small vessels in her brain that are bleeding to stop
*For the midline shift (brain swelling) to start to decrease
*For improvement in her lungs

Margaret and her family are grateful for the outpouring of love and support and ask for your continued thoughts and prayers.