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Welcome to Marci's site! We hope that this page can keep you updated and answer any questions that you may have. I apologize in advance to all the medical professionals who are about to read this. Try not to cringe too much as I'm doing my best to interpret the info :)

Marci's most recent sense of adventure has led her to Seattle, Washington with her then fiance John Morgan. Marci has aspirations to finish her nursing degree and she is just a few short classes away from moving her LPN to RN. After falling in love with Seattle, John and Marci decided to get married on September 9, 2018. Shortly before that she started back at school in pursuit of her degree and started a new job at the VA. Her wedding day came and went and she looked beautiful. Life returned to normal on that Monday.  They planned on taking a honeymoon at a later time once they saved up a little money and accrued more vacation time.  Marci went to bed on Wednesday night around 9:30pm. Throughout the night, John sensed something was wrong. He turned on the lights and Marci was found unresponsive. (Thank the Lord that he was there!) He called an ambulance right away. They intubated on site and did imaging as soon as they got to the hospital. They found that she had a brain aneurysm that burst.  Her troponin levels were elevated as well so they were worried about a heart attack. I, Marci's daughter, got news that morning and booked the first flight out to Seattle (I reside in Billings, MT). Throughout the day on Thursday they performed a number of tests for her heart and brain. To get the aneurysm under control and help it heal, they inserted an endovascular embolization or a coil inside the aneurysm to drain out the fluid. I was unable to make the flight to Seattle so my husband, my brother, and I decided to hit the road and drive to Seattle on Friday. Marci was still intubated and her condition was unclear at this point. We arrived at Harborview Medical Center around 6:00pm on Friday evening. Shortly after arriving they turned down the sedation and decided to try to do a neuro check/breathing test to try to extubate her. The next few hours was a miracle before my eyes. As she started coming to, she realized that her kids had made it to Seattle and were by her bed. I looked into her eyes and held her head and said it was okay and she smiled. The fight came back into her once she understood she needed to work to be able to talk to her kids. They successfully extubated her, she moved all major extremities, said her full name, and couldn't stop smiling at us. I asked her if it was okay that we leave for the night and we'd be back in the morning. She nodded yes. We returned the next day and although she was a little delirious thinking she needed to go home, she was Marci. She was spunky and we were happy that this looked good. I felt it was okay to leave her at this point and she said that she would be okay. 

On Monday, I got a call from John's phone. I answered and to my delight it was my mom. Her memory was still a little questionable, but for the most part she made sense. She was unhappy that she had to sit at the hospital. She just wanted to get back to work and her school work. We talked on the phone or Face-timed every day after that.  This was special to us because we mainly just stick to texting. On Friday, she called my husband James. This was the first time in 10 years that she had called him. She never wanted to be, "that mother-law" she'd say. I text her on Friday evening, and I thought odd she read it but didn't respond. 

Saturday morning, we got word that she had some numbness in her right arm. They thought this was probably a vasospasm which is apparently a pretty common complication after an aneurysm. They performed a few tests and found no vasospasm. She quickly became completely aphasic and they called a code stroke on her. They reintubated her Saturday afternoon and performed an angiogram and an MRI and tried to remove the clot. They were unsuccessful in removing the whole clot and about 6-8 small emboli from the main clot had broken off into more of her brain. During her neuro checks on Sunday, she wasn't as responsive to the tests as she was the first go around. They extubated her successfully, but this time her response was less desired. 

Currently as a family we are unsure of her prognosis. She isn't responding well to neuro checks, she is restless, and cannot talk. Our heart breaks as a family but we remain hopeful that her brain can heal over time through rehab and love. For many of you that have asked how this happened, we don't know. Marci has always suffered from debilitating migraines so more than likely she just developed this over time. She wasn't a drinker or a smoker.  I want to personally thank her husband John for being by her side 24/7 with only emotional support from afar. 

There is a donation option to this page. If you would like to help, it is greatly appreciated. You do so by clicking on "ways to help" then go fund me or clicking:   (  ( ) (  ( )) (  ( ) (  ( )))) Since my mom had just started working she didn't have much for benefits. She is getting the best care she can in Seattle and will continue to do so with rehab, but that does come with a pretty high premium. If you are unable to donate and have made it this far to our page, prayers and a comment to this page so we can read them to her is all we ask.