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If there are no bad days, then how would any of us know what the good days are?  That's what I have been taught in the past few weeks as I have embarked on the painful journey of a brain tumor in my Mothers head. A few weeks ago my mom went to the neurologist because her migraines had returned after 10 years of being migraine free. She decided to have an MRI on March 1 2018. The day after that visit she learned of a 'Cyst' on her brain stem. She was told it only needed to be watched. Her father, being a physician, along with my own father, wanted to know the exact type of 'cyst' or 'lesion', so my mother decided to get a second opinion.  She went on to have another MRI done with a different Neurosurgeon. Thanks to my fathers help, we got in immediately to see him. During that visit she found out that it was not a 'cyst', but a tumor/mass. Most likely benign, formed in her mothers womb. The neurosurgeon immediately says she will not find anyone here in Birmingham that would operate on this rare tumor. They decided for her to travel to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota this, Thursday March 15 with me (Lizza). Her first appointment is scheduled for Friday March 16 at 12:30 pm.  A team of surgeons will decide what is best to do with this rare type of tumor.  All my Mom asks for is prayers! She is strong but our God is stronger! I will keep you updated through this journey our family is about to embark on!