Maija Robak

First post: Jul 22, 2018 Latest post: Oct 16, 2020
Maija is 21  years old today!  Many of you know that a year ago Maija was diagnosed with PAN/PANDAS.  PANDAS is an acronym for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strep. PANS is when the disorder is brought on by other infections other than strep, for example, Lymes. Maija has been diagnosed with both. Finding medical care for Maija has been a challenge.  We have searched from Chicago to California and are thankful we feel we have found a team of providers in Edina, MN.  We are working with both a Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatrist. The unfortunate piece is that insurance companies at this point don't cover for the diagnoses or treatment of PANS/PANDAS. 
Maija's symptoms have included ANXIETY so severe she doesn't want to leave home, TICS so violent she makes the whole car move, OCD behaviors where she would touch the toilet seat in a certain pattern prior to sitting down,  listening to the same song over and over and over again, HALLUCINTATIONS that scare her and some that make her happy,  ANGER episodes that at this point have only been verbal.  

In moments of clarity Maija will say, "Help Me",  "I want my brain back" " I am not myself."  "I want my thoughts back."  It is agonizing for us, we can't imagine what it is like for her. 
It was placed on my heart a few weeks ago that I needed to get people praying for Maija.  She needed the same prayer warriors praying that we had when Steve needed healing. We know and have experienced the power of prayer. 
Maija asks for nothing monetarily, wants to go nowhere.  She wants to be healed.  Please pray for Maija.