Lyle Edwards

First post: Jun 16, 2020 Latest post: Jan 9, 2021
Welcome to our CaringBridge website.   We are using this wonderful tool to keep family and friends updated in one place. 

Lyle's story begins at the beginning of May, he began having pain on his right side.  Just an aggravation in the beginning, we thought it could be an old ulcer that may be popping up again.   It kept getting more and more painful so we called our primary care physician Dr. Abadeer.   Due to the Covid-19, we were only able to meet with him on FaceTime.   He ordered some blood work for Lyle that came back with a few concerns.  He scheduled  an ultrasound on May 11th to see what was going on.  

By now Lyle's pain was getting worse and worse, and pain meds were prescribed.  He called with the results that evening and told us the ultrasound showed a mass on the liver, and ordered a CT on the 13th.  Dr. A. called us the evening of the 13th and informed us there were 4 masses on the liver and it was cancer that had metastasized from somewhere else and we needed to find out where it was coming from,  he ordered a PET scan on May 19th.  To say the least we were devastated by this news.  Lyle's pain had increased so badly that he was now on the highest dose of Oxycodone/Acetaminophen.   Then on May 21st, Dr. A face timed us with the PET scan results.  He had a lung mass 4 cm, lymph nodes, center chest, abdomen, liver and spine all showed up on the scan.   It was true, Lyle had lung cancer that had spread to many other areas.   Dr. A referred us to Dr. Gomez at IL Cancer Care.  We needed a liver biopsy to get the diagnosis of what type of cancer it was and a more in depth look at where it had spread, it took us several days, it seemed like a lifetime to finally get it scheduled for May 29th.  

We were at BroMenn for a total of 7 hours for the biopsy.  After the biopsy Lyle had to lay on his side for 2 hours and then on his back for 2 hours.  We finally were released and got home around 3:00 pm, 45 minutes after we walked in the door, Lyle couldn't catch his breath and was in extreme pain so I called 911.  I told rescue he just had a biopsy of the liver that day and they took him to the ER.  I could not go to be with him b/c of Covid restrictions, even though I had just spent 7 hours with him in Same Day Surgery for the biopsy!!!  The ER put him on oxygen and ordered blood work and a CT scan.  The CT scan showed a small non invasive blood clot in his chest.  His diaphragm was pushing on his lungs from the biopsy because he was swollen.  They admitted him Friday night to watch his breathing and to get his pain under control, he was released on Sunday and came home on oxygen.

On June 3rd we met with Dr. Gomez on  where he gave us Lyle's official diagnosis from the biopsy, it was Stage IV small cell carcinoma lung cancer which had metastasized to the liver, bones, lymph nodes.  There is no cure, but there is treatment and he would treat it aggressively.  Dr. G wanted a bone x-ray to see how deteriorated the legs and arms were so we scheduled that on June 8.  He also wanted a brain MRI to see if the cancer has spread to his brain, that is scheduled for June 19.  Dr. G also took Lyle off of the oxygen the hospital put him on.  His oxygen saturation was good.

Lyle's first round of chemotherapy and immunotheraphy was this past Tuesday, and was a 4 hour treatment, he tolerated it well and his pain has decreased quite a bit.  He also had treatment today and will have one tomorrow as well.  Today's treatment really zapped him, but he is resting well.  He will have treatments and lab every Tuesday through the month of June.  We meet with Dr. G again on June 23rd.   The bone scan came back better than the doctor thought it would be so that is good news!  The brain MRI will be back by the time we meet with Dr. G again so we will know the results of that.

The month of May was the most heartbreaking and devastating time in our 31 years of marriage.  Lyle is prepared to fight this all the way and I will be right by his side through this journey.   We know God has a plan, I must admit it is really hard to understand what it is, however we place all of this in His hands.

Thank you for all the texts, emails, cards, calls and all those prayers, both Lyle and I appreciate it so very much, we are so humbled by the outpouring of love and support that we have received.  

I will update this page as Lyle's treatment progresses.  

We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

Love you,

Lyle & Diane