Lyla Shaker Lyla Shaker

Hey everyone! Here is a little about Lylas story.
We brought Lyla to urgent care on Thursday August 1, 2019 for excessive bruising covering her body. Urgent care took blood and ran some tests and we were informed her white blood cells, red blood cells and hemoglobin levels were extremely abnormal. They told us to please pack or bags and head to Childrens Hospital in Minneapolis. 

We arrived Thursday evening at the Childrens Hospital Emergency Room and pretty quickly were told its a pretty good chance she has Leukemia based off her symptoms. Her blood results came back fairly quickly and she was diagnosed that evening with Leukemia. We were admitted that night to the Childrens Hospital. 

That night we started medication to drop her white blood counts, which took a few days to get her in a safe zone for her bone marrow draw, spinal lumbar draw and to have her port placed. Right after surgery on Monday(August 5th) we started our first rounds of chemo. She has reacted very well to chemo and her body has been responding fast. Her white blood count when we were admitted was  195,000 and when we were released from the hospital yesterday August 9th her levels were down to 600! 

She has had to have a blood transfusion along with 3 platelet transfusions due to such low red blood cells and hemoglobin levels.

Lyla has chemo once a week along with labs to keep a close eye on her white blood counts, red blood counts and hemoglobin levels. She also is taking steroids and a few other medicines to help her body.

We have our next chemo appointment Monday morning. (August 12th)

We appreciate all the prayers, donations, food, gifts, etc.. on this incredibly hard journey. It means the absolute world to our family to have such a strong amazing support system and we cant say thank you enough.