Liz Dunn Elizabeth A. (Paul) Dunn

First post: Oct 22, 2019 Latest post: Feb 5, 2020
Welcome to Liz Dunn's Caring Bridge website.  We can use all the help we can get!
As all of you know, these last 5 and a half years, (yes it has been 5 and half years since her diagnosis) surviving stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer, has been nothing short of a gift from God. After almost a year of Chemo. treatment, she had 2 years with absolutely no chemo. treatment at all, it was AMAZING.
This past 2 years have been very tough on her and us. Liz's cancer had spread to her lungs and she has had repeated hospital stays for various conditions, Bad reactions to chemo, side effects from Chemo. , respiratory issues, extrieme pain etc, etc etc. For all that do not know, this is currently her 2nd hospitalization in the last month for breathing issues, it really sucks to struggle to breathe. Despite all these struggles she still remains in good spirits, most of the time, she has a positive attitude and still remains a pain in Elizabeth's and my ass.
I want to let every body know that we have appreciated all the cards and well wishes we have received over the years and continue to receive. Nevermind the times, when she has met some of our friends while she, (or we) were out shopping, It is always a great joy for her to see friends especially out side of the home, it makes her feel more normal!

 We are using the Caring Bridge to keep family and friends updated all in one place. This site is where you can  find ways to help Liz, George and Lizzy and will be updated as needed. Just click on the "Ways to Help" tab and then the "Planner" to see dates, times and the type of help needed. Or even let us know how you feel, you would like to help that could work as well.  Thank you for your love, prayers and support!