Sebi Dutcher Love for Sebi Dutcher

First post: Jun 28, 2021 Latest post: Dec 9, 2021
Friends, family, and compassionate strangers, we have created this page to ask for your help in the support of our 11-year old friend Sebastian “Sebi”  Dutcher, who has just been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Treatment consists of intravenous steroid therapy in addition to 13 treatments of fractionated radiating therapy. His radiation treatment’s begin on June 24th and will likely extend through July 13th. Depending on treatment response, there may be options to join future clinical trials for chemotherapeutics in July or August.

A die-hard sports fan, and devoted soccer player, Sebi was hit in the head with a soccer ball last week and put on “concussion protocol ”. Out of precaution, his parents Garrick and Kirstin Dutcher, took him to see his physician where a CT scan was ordered. After the results came back, they were told to take Sebi to Boise for an MRI. Subsequently, he was life flighted to the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City as his symptoms began to worsen. He has already undergone an installment of a shunt in his brain, had a biopsy of the tumor, and multiple MRI’s. He has a big fight ahead and we are all prepared to help him with his battle.

Sebi is many things, among them a disciplined athlete, a patient big brother to his sister Emiko, a teller of riddles, and a master of cornhole. We love him dearly and are committed to supporting his family through this painstaking process.

Any messages, prayers, sentiments of support will be wonderful for Sebi and his family during this unimaginably challenging time