Lorraine is an amazing wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, photographer and soo much more AND an amazing breast cancer survivor!! Everyone who knows Lorraine, knows she would do anything for anyone, anytime!! We LOVE her so much and she is LOVED by everyone she meets!! So, it all began a couple months ago when Lorraine started having back aches and had a cough that wouldn't stop. The Z-Pack that she was put on actually made her feel worse. So last week, she decided to take herself to the ER to get to the bottom of it! They found that she had fluid around her lung and her lung had collapsed. After further testing, it was revealed that her breast cancer had returned. Of course this has come as a huge shock to Lorraine, her family and all who love her! We know she will fight this...this cancer will not have a chance!!  This week, Lorraine will begin chemotherapy treatment.  We Thank You for caring enough to follow along on Lorraine's journey to healing,  for your powerful thoughts and prayers,  and for coming along side us to help make life easier for Lorraine and her family during this very difficult time.