Lois Troyer Lois Troyer's Accident

First post: May 28, 2020 Latest post: Jun 27, 2020
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Lois Troyer's accident
Accidents & Emergencies
Hector and Lois along with their 5 children ages 12 and under moved from Missouri to Belleville PA 3 years ago and then to State College PA to join the Followers of Jesus Church and work along side Hector's parents and others with the church plant and All Nations Bible Translation(ABT)mission. On May 25th 2020 Lois was doing some gardening with our parents when the tiller she was running hit a rock and caught her skirt, dragging her legs into the tines. Below is the text that our mom shared to the family chat soon after it happened. (((Lois was tilling and hit a rock. The tiller jumped and caught her dress and pulled her into the tines. Dad called 911. Seemed like and eternity but the first responder finally came. We couldn't get the tiller off because 2 tines were in her leg! When Hector got there he started taking the tiller apart the fire department helped. They had all the wrenches he could ever need. They left the one tine in afraid to remove it for fear of cutting a main blood vessel... She is at Mt Nittany now.))) Upon arriving at Mt. Nittany they decided Danville would be better suited to care for her and lifeflighted her with the tine still in her leg to Danville. Hector is currently unable to be with her because of Covid restrictions. Please pray for the family as Lois has a long road of recovery ahead of her! 
2:50pm may 25th
Lois just now going into surgery to clean the dirt out of the wound. Hector just talked to Doc and she said she thinks Lois will be okay...

7pm may 25th
Hector Is back from the hospital and said he didn't learn much except that  the flesh was so mangled they couldn't get the wound closed. So they put on a wound vac. They want to watch her 24-48 hrs...

May 26th at 11am

Lois is very tired this morning and in a lot of pain. The morphine is not working. This morning at 9am they finally gave her a little bit of something to eat and drink to see how she handles it.

Pain management is an issue and we ask that you would pray for some sort of relief!
We are now waiting to hear Drs verdict!

5:30PM MAY 26TH
Lois says today that she is scheduled to go into surgery again tomorrow. They will put her sleep and try to clean the wound out better. After that a plastic surgeon will come in and look at it to see what needs to be or can be done further! We appreciate your prayers!

May 26th 8pm

Just heard from Lois, they changed her pain medication and she can push the button every 10 minutes if she needs it. But she fell asleep and the medication wore off. Now she realizes how much it was helping! Something different from morphine. She said when they changed the medication her leg swelled up worse and she is running low grade fever.
She wasn't sure if it was related or not.
She's still in a lot of pain tho! So keep praying! And pray that the Dr's get the wound completely clean tomorrow and that they can keep infections at bay!

May 27th 6pm

Mom says, 
"Lois came out of surgery about 1:30. She hasn't talked to the doctor yet. She sounded better than yesterday but she still has a lot of pain." 
Thank you for your prayers!

May 28th 7:30am

Good news! Just talked to Hector. The plastic surgeon said as soon as the general physician releases her, she is free to go!! Should be more info later hopefully!

May28 12:30pm

Update from Lois, (The skin grafting surgeon was in this morning and he talked favorably of me going home with the pump and using B&W salve and them driving over to check on me. Then knowing in about 3 weeks if we want to skin graft.
Now my regular surgeon just left and he had come in with a looooong row of how I need skin grafting real soon. Then he said something about the grafting surgeon coming in and and I said, "he was already here this morning and talked favorably of me going home and giving it time etc.." The regular surgeon quickly backtracked saying, "whatever the skin grafting surgeon says! I trust him to know best!"!!
He thinks it's going to take some paperwork TO GET THE PUMP with the insurance mess we have. So please keep praying!!)